Hydrogen Antioxidant Benefits

The latest studies worldwide agree that the best water, the healthiest for our body, has very specific characteristics that are:

  • Its molecular structure (cluster): The best is the hexagonal
  • PH: Alkaline, with a level between 8-12
  • Oxidation Potential: Negative, between -100 and -900mV Less value equals more antioxidant
  • Molecular size: The smaller the better
  • Oxygen Concentration: Low, and therefore:
  • High hydrogen concentration


There are currently more than 350 scientific papers that refer to the therapeutic properties of hydrogen, research in which has been experimented with more than 100 diseases to conclude that water with hydrogen is beneficial to health.

The water obtained by electrolysis is antioxidant and is charged with hydrogen. This is referred to Hiromi Shinya in his work "The prodigious enzyme" in which he says that this same electrolysis that produces active hydrogen, can eliminate excess free radicals in the body.

This scientific current was born in Japan in the middle of the SXX (the Japanese Ministry of Health recognized the therapeutic value of hydrogenated water in 1965). The United States has also echoed this process which they consider "curative" and also "the water closest to eternal youth". Hidrogen Life, in its effort to get the tools for a healthy life, has been looking for the way to obtain the highest quality and purity for the water we drink and that is why we want to be pioneers in the use of hydrogenated water in our country.


Today, obtaining water through electrolysis is becoming a reality available to everyone. In Hidrogen Life we ​​are committed to the compact hydrogenizers with high antioxidant capacity.

We look for an innovative design, which differentiates itself from the rest by providing a quality plus, which allows the appliance to occupy the minimum possible space and provide hydrogenated water continuously and instantaneously. We also value the durability, the duration of plates and membrane electrolysis without corrosion or incrustation and a useful life superior to the 10.000 liters.

Among the technical characteristics we highlight: easy maintenance, chlorine-free apparatus, no presence of ozone or other oxidants and the use of ecological materials in its manufacture.


Hydrogen is the lightest element in the table of elements and most abundant in the Universe. Hydrogen is present in 90% of the Universe and is necessary for life on planet Earth. It usually presents in its molecular form forming the H2 gas. Combined with oxygen, specifically two hydrogen atoms (H) and one oxygen (O), form the chemical complex referred to in this section: water (H2O)

When hydrogen combustion produces water, it is therefore the cleanest source of energy in the Universe. In fact every source of energy contains hydrogen.

What the scientific studies that we are referring to on this page are revealing is that molecular hydrogen is the best fuel and antioxidant for our cells.

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